Drums and Percussion

If you’re looking for a human touch to your music production, then the life drum track is a good choice.

The advantages:

  • Well played recorded and mixed live drums will drive the song.  It will glue all the ingredients together, giving it an organic feel.
  • It can also be a time saver, as you don’t need to edit these drum samples all over to fit the needs of your song.

Your song is King

Although drums are important, your song is the king. A “less is more” approach is what mostly fits a song best. This leaves enough space for the other ingredients of the song. All of it should be in a subsidiary to the lyrics and the melody. When I record a drum track, I refer to the song and the singer.
A great drum track will give you the feeling as if playing together for years.

Communication between you and me is crucial. After all, my goal is to deliver what you want. Your description is the key for me to meet your needs, although I have to admit it is often difficult during a creative process. In this case, a reference track might be very helpful. The reference could be another song that has the sound, groove or feel you’re looking for. Also, your simple programmed or sampled drum part in your project can be enough as a starting point.

All this is risk-free, as you get a money back guarantee on your first track.

Here is what you have to do

  1. Upload your project.
    • Deliver two files of your project: with and without drums – providing tempo information (BPM) of the song.
    • Upload a description of your needs and/or one up to maximum three reference tracks.
    • Don’t forget to include your personal details like e-mail, phone number.
  2. Get a high-quality mp3 to modification or approve the tracks.