Mixing and mastering

You probably spent lot of time writing, arranging and recording your song.
Now you’re getting to the final steps of the process before your music meets the world: mixing and mastering.

From the bottom of your heart

Mixing and mastering, although it might sound difficult, is nothing else than enhancing the heart, the inner message of the song before it finally transforms to a radio ready mix.

To get a right mix and master for your song, it is crucial to share with me what kind of sound you are aiming for. It also makes sure that we both go in the same direction, which automatically speeds up the workflow.

For this, you can use reference tracks and a short description of the content of your song.

For choosing reference tracks, think about your favorite sounding songs by other artists. After that, try to find the ones that compare favorably to what we are about to work on.

For describing your ideas for the mix and master, think of the following ingredients:

  • your vision on this song
  • what process did you go through making the song
  • what other elements and their sound in your genre do you really like
  • what is at this stage working or not working for you in the song
  • some of your music influences.

All this is risk free, as you get money back guarantee on your first track.

Here is what you have to do

  1. Place your order by uploading your audio files
  2. You will get high quality mp3 of your mix.
  3. Either request a modification (maximum two modifications within two weeks per song) or approve the mix/master.

Get instructions on how to prepare your files for a mix and mastering



One song up to 5 minutes long.

  • Up to 5  audio  files €75
  • Up to 45 audio files €150
  • Up to 99 audio files €225

Included two free modifications

Stereo 32 bit file – mastering ready


One song up to 5 minutes long

  • One song €35
  • Each additional song €25

Other services

  • Tuning lead vocal €50
  • Tuning each backing vocal €30
  • Tuning other tracks €30
  • Editing €25 per hour.
  • Additional modification €20 per track

All prices are excluded VAT.