Soundbalance is a studio with fantastically sounding acoustics and high quality equipment. The studio’s atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, with an air full of creativity. The studio is a wanted location for bands, combo’s, singers-songwriters, jazzformations, classical ensembles and solo artists, to make excellent and at the same time affordable recordings … [read more]



To make an excellent audio production you need a clear vision from the the start of any recording. That’s our philosophy. First of all, you need an acoustically well built studio. Soundbalance studio has been specially designed to offer optimized acoustics in all rooms. The rooms accompany the artists and musicians while working; the light and space  …  [read more]



This room is specially designed for optimum recording acoustics. The measurements of the room are in perfect balance. The walls are covered with material that take care of the perfect absorption of sound. The room has approximately 40 square meters and is therefore suitable for bands/groups of maximum 12 persons and choirs of maximum 30 members.  … [read more]



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